MBK Market Bangkok, Thailand

This market is MASSIVE! What I like about this market is that there are some high quality replicas sold here of just about ANY brand you can think of. After a long day of shopping, grab a bite to eat and then head on over to one of the handful of parlors to get a massage. I personally recommend a foot massage and scrub… My favorite!

MBK Snapshot


MBK Market is located at the intersection of Rama I Road (Sukhumvit Road turns into Rama I Road) and Phaya Thai Road. It’s not far from Siam Square in Bangkok, where you will find a lot of upscale shopping.


The hours of operation of MBK are officially 10:00 am to 10:00 pm; however, many of the vendors don’t open up their shops until 11 and they may close up early.

What You'll Find

There are a plethora of shirt shops here that sell high-quality replica brands. The shoes are also high quality as well, although you may pay more – but I think it’s worth it. Accessories such as bags, belts etc. can also be found in this market.

Market Video 

Bargaining at MBK Market

In this video we are in Bangkok, Thailand hustling for all the latest gear! We explore the MBK market to shop for all the latest items such as Nike Air Max, Off-White, Balenciaga, Palace, ASSC, North Face, Supreme, you name it! Some come along and enjoy the ride!

Everything to Know About MBK Market in Bangkok

How to Get to MBK

Transportation in Bangkok

There is a wide variety of transportation options in Bangkok. The Skytrain is affordable and easy to use, however, during rush hour it gets quite crowded and is not very pleasant in my opinion. If you don’t mind paying more, my favorite mode of transportation is the Tuk Tuk. Open air and you get to experience Bangkok a little more naturally. Be wary though, you’re gonna have to bargain with the drivers as they try to charge you a lot, even more so than a taxi would.

How to Get to MBK Market

You can get to MBK by Skytrain, taxi or Tuk Tuk. Skytrain is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to get to MBK.  You can exit at the National Stadium stop, then follow the signs to MBK, which is connected by a walkway.

Shopping at MBK

What Can I Find at the MBK Market?

On the first floor of MBK Bangkok, you can find goods geared to tourists. There are varieties of souvenirs, T-shirts with Bangkok emblems, and elephant pants. Everywhere you look, you can find favorite characters from movies on clothing for kids. You will also find talented local artists creating drawings from reproductions of photos shoppers give them.

The second floor has jewelry shops, luggage, and different fashionable accessories. You can also find places to buy jeans and shops with sports shoes.

The third floor is where you will find shops selling watches as well as sporting goods. This is also where you can find makeup along with other cosmetics and many vitamin supplement stores.

The fourth floor is the place to find electronics such as iPhones. It’s also where you can browse through all of the accessories you can imagine that go along with these phones. There are shops with cameras and tons of related equipment.

The fifth floor of MBK is full of household furnishings. This is also where you will find even more camera shops of higher-end and good quality.

The sixth floor is where the food court is located.  You can find a variety of Thai food as well as large selections of sweets and desserts. This floor also has more handbags, accessories for teens, casual clothing, and even Thai handmade crafts.

The seventh floor has even more food options as well as entertainment. You can go to the movies here or even get some friends together and go bowling. There are two arcade game centers and over twenty chain restaurants, such as Pizza Hut. Overall, there’s a lot to do on the top floor for a night out during the weekend.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok has accommodation options for all types of travelers at different budgets. First, I recommend thinking about what part of Bangkok you plan to spend the most time in. Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, or nightlife. Then searching for hotels or hostels in that area because it will be most convenient for you.

Check out my blog post about where to stay during your visit to Bangkok.  Below are some popular places to stay in Bangkok, and near the MBK shopping market.

1. Kritthai Residence 

Located right in the heart of Bangkok. Not far from the hotel you’ll find major entertainment venues and shopping malls. The hotel offers cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi.

2. BED STATION Hostel Ratchthewi 

A short two-minute walk from Ratchathewi BTS Skytrain Station. The hostel has dormitory-style or private rooms for guests that include free Wi-Fi access and air conditioning.

3. Bed One Block Hostel 

One-minute walk from the BTS Ratchathewi Skytrain Station right in the heart of the city center. The hostel has free Wi-Fi. Rooms are dormitory type with air conditioning and lockers.

Neighborhoods Near MBK

Neighborhoods in Bangkok

One of the best neighborhoods in Bangkok is Thonglor, known for its trendy bars and upscale clientele. You can find a wide choice of all kinds of venues like cocktail bars and themed pubs. There are also great eateries and plenty of food stalls. You can find thrift shops and vintage stores. Browse art galleries or take a boat ride on the canal.

Ekkamai is a neighborhood enjoyed by both expats and locals alike. Here you can find street vendors offering food like grilled meats and fried rice. There are many different cafés, some are open 24 hours, as well as great bars to hang out in and relax. There are second-hand shops to rummage around in and find some treasures.

Charoen Krung was once the original artistic heart of Bangkok. Now many new art galleries are opening up here displaying artwork by local and international artists. There is also the new Thailand Creative & Design Center which is housed in a historic building from the 1940s and Warehouse 3D with a variety of stores and establishments housed in seven old warehouses. You can also find new bars and restaurants.

The Neighborhood Around MBK

Even though it is not legally a neighborhood, Siam is an area very popular with locals who consider it to be the heart of Bangkok. This is the place to go when you want to shop. It is where you’ll find Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery as well as MBK. All of these are vast malls catering to many different tastes and budgets.  Although, MBK is the most budget-friendly of them in this area. Among the cultural sites here are The Jim Thompson House Museum and The Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Siam has two BTS stations – National Stadium and Siam, which makes it quite convenient to get around the area.


Food in Bangkok & Near MBK

What is There to Eat in Bangkok?

Thai food is a cuisine that is greatly influenced by Indian spices and flavors. Thai food has its own specially made curries. The local spices and ingredients most often used are lemongrass, Thai holy basil, and Thai ginger.

Papaya salad is a popular dish in Thailand

A typical meal can include meat or fish dishes, vegetables, a noodle dish, and perhaps soup. For dessert, you’d have fresh fruit like pineapple or some rice cakes. Many would say that the best food you can eat in Bangkok is street food. From tasty noodle dishes, barbecued or grilled pork on sticks, sausages, and fish balls, and a whole lot more.

Street Food Near MBK

Right outside the market, there are a bunch of street food stalls you can choose from. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more western dishes, inside MBK center you can find actual western restaurants.

Among the best street food, you’ll find bowls filled with vegetables and glass noodles in a rich flavorful broth. The noodle bowls come with fried wontons and pork cracklins. There are delicious Thai sausages, spicy curries, pork puns, and even fresh salads. If you like sweet foods, there is sticky rice and egg custard pudding.

Don’t forget to stop and try sticky rice ball served hot in a spicy ginger broth. Savory pancakes like seafood omelets with your choice of oysters or mussels or both. The omelets are delicious when dipped in sweet chili sauce. There is so much more to choose from like teriyaki pork, papaya salad, grilled sausage, skewered meats, and sweet pancakes. 

About MBK Market

MBK Market in Bangkok by its full name is Mah Boon Krong.  It was named in honor of the parents of the chief developer, Mah and Boon Krong, and their statues can be seen on the ground floor. This giant eight-story mega-mall opened its doors in 1985. At the time, it was the largest mall in Asia. The mall sees over 90,000 shoppers every day, and with 2,300 stores! 

It has become very popular both with locals and tourists due to the sheer variety and the budget-friendly prices. In fact, the prices at MBK are lower than in other malls in this part of Bangkok, which attract upscale buyers. Tourists can also find some great souvenirs here or gifts to take back home.

One of the things I like about MBK is that you can haggle prices at just about any of the shops. However, if you don’t get the price you want or don’t like the person you are bargaining with, there are so many options that you are likely to find something at the price you want if you just walk around.

Locals, particularly local teens, enjoy the arcade and bowling alley on the top floor. Dating couples come to the SF Cinema City, where many movies are shown in English. So the vibe of MBK is a nice mix of tourists and locals with some youthfulness.

Thailand Intro

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a tropical country and one of the most popular countries for tourism in the area. Its diverse ecosystems include forested hills, fields of rice, broad plateaus, and rugged coastlines. Thailand was mainly an agricultural country until people began moving to Bangkok and other cities.

Until 1939 the country’s name was Siam and ruled by an absolute monarchy. After it became a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. During the last two decades and the first of the 21st century, Thailand has seen the rise of parliamentary democracy.

Introduction to Bangkok

where to stay in bangkok

Bangkok is an ever-changing and colorful city that is an iconic stop for many travelers. Walking through town you see old village homes, and a couple of blocks later mega-malls that are climate controlled. The city is every changing and vibrant.

There are impressive temples topped with gold-spires that share their space with neon-lit strips, heavy traffic, and a long line of boats on the canals and riverways. Along the streets, you’ll see monks in their robes walking by with smartphones.

Everywhere you look, you can see lines of food carts for a quick bite. But you can also find some of the best restaurants atop tall skyscrapers. 

Global Trade in Thailand

The country’s trade patterns have significantly changed, starting from the early 1980s. By the 21st century, one-eighth of earnings came from export and one-tenth of the GDP. And manufacturing accounted for all of the rest.

Thailand’s main trading partners are the U.S., China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Its largest export market is the U.S., and the most significant source of imports is Japan also, Thailand’s trade deficit started rising in the 1990s until the last part of the decade.

Foreign trade declined but saw a substantial peak in 2000, dropping again in the early 21st century.

Thailand Production of Goods

Both manufacturing and industry have had a significant role in the economic growth of Thailand. Since its manufactured products are export items, these have brought much income to the country annually. Among the significant industries are automobiles and computers. Presently Thailand has also become a major center of the auto assembly industry.

The country is also the second-largest tungsten producer and third-largest producer of tin. It is the second-largest exporter of computer hard drives and other personal computer components. The fastest-growing production industries are electric tools, machinery, furniture and wood products, canned food, and plastic products. Production industries that account for major export items are high-technology products.

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