Markets Around the World

Your guide to markets in 20+ cities around the world and counting!

There’s Nothing Like a Good Bargain

Some of the most exciting experiences during my travels have been bargaining in the local markets to score a good deal! In fact, I’ll never forget the feeling of the first time I bargained in Shanghai. I was a bit nervous, but after I realized it was all in good fun and I was able to get an awesome deal, I was hooked!

Ever since then, I’ve come into my own and learned some fantastic bargaining strategies  that I’ve used in markets all over the world!

From the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, the Pearl Market in Beijing, to the iconic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. These are just a few of my favorite markets around the world.

And if I haven’t been there, I promise it’s on my list!

Top Markets Abroad

MBK Market

Bangkok, Thailand

This MASSIVE market is a good 5 floors!  It sells just about anything and everything from clothes to shoes, electronics, camera gear, you name it. This market has a lot of high quality replicas, and some entertainment and relaxation too (those foot massages are my favorite!).

Ben Thanh Market

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ben Thanh is probably one of the funnest places to bargain!  Even though it’s still a challenge to bargain and get a good deal, the atmosphere is more friendly and relaxed (compared to China). You can definitely bargain hard, just be careful if you’re a guy with a significant other because the shop keepers are not afraid to flirt to try to make a sale!

Silk Alley Market

Beijing, China

The Silk Alley Market in Beijing is one of the most famous markets in Beijing for visitors. And for me, I’d say it’s probably the “granddaddy” of them all. You better be on your game if you want to get a deal here, because the bargaining is cut-throat!

Myeongdong Shopping Market

Seoul, South Korea

This (mainly) night market is very cool and atmospheric. There’s many different things to do here such as eat street food, get a massage and of course, shop! For being outdoors, it is quite clean and organized.

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