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Apps, apps, and more apps are coming on the market every day, especially travel apps. But with all the options for travel apps out there, what are actually the best travel apps to use in 2020?  I have been around the world and back and back again, and thanks to some of my favorite apps I have not gotten too lost along the way.  So I want to share with you some of my favorite travel apps for traveling abroad for this year.

Best Travel Apps During Your Travels

Some of these apps might seem like a no-brainer, but after bargaining my way around the world, I can attest that these are the apps you will not be able to live without while traveling abroad.

Google Translate (Offline Version)

This goes without saying, chances are you may need to rely on Google Translate from time-to-time.  Make sure to download whichever language you need via Wifi first before landing or arriving to another country in case you’re somewhere without data.  Plan ahead and download when you can.  It is tough to land in a country without properly preparing and getting the Google Translate app.

Google Maps (Offline Version)

Just like Google Translate, having Google Maps is critical.  The offline Google Maps is what you want to have ready to go when you land.  Having proper maps of where you are could potentially save you in dire situations.  Better safe than sorry!  Make sure to have Google Maps.

Easy Currency Converter

Putting Easy Currency Converter on your home screen is a must.  Having the app there makes it super easy to convert any currency with real-time conversions. Quick and straight to the point!  This app is going to come in handy right away either when checking into your hotel or hostel and you will really need it when you hit up the night markets.

App in the Air

This cool little app automatically keeps track of your airline bookings, miles traveled and basically your whole itinerary for you.  This is probably my favorite sleeper app.  One that you may or may not have heard of before.  It also has a social media aspect to see the leaderboards of who has traveled the most out of its user base in the current calendar year.  Make sure to check out App in the Air.

World Clock Pro

The simple app of World Clock Pro is one that it let’s you see what time it is all over the world.  It is great to be able to know what time it is where my friends, family, and other creators are.  It’s good to input cities all over the world to get the exact time without doing any math or guesswork.  Simple and easy.
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Best Travel Accommodation Apps

Since my life on the road revolves around shopping markets, creating videos, and making deals, it’s super important to also keep track of where I am staying that night.  Honestly, it all just depends on what city I am staying in when choosing the type of accommodation.  Sometimes I prefer an Airbnb for that city and sometimes its tons of fun to stay at a hostel.  Either way, there is a travel accommodation app to make it easier for traveling abroad.


Simple app that has a great search feature.  The Airbnb app is becoming easier and easier to use.  Booking an Airbnb is a great option to get a good sense of the local culture.  I’m actually starting to prefer Airbnb over other accommodations.

Hostel World

Hostel World is another great app to use to find a great hostel to stay in.  I choose to stay in a hostel rather than hotels or Airbnb in cool cities around the world like Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, and other bigger cities around the world.  It is always fun to meet other travelers from about the world.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a new spin on the whole travel accommodation apps as it finds you great deals for THAT night.  I tend to use this app more when we are traveling on the fly and change directions last minute.  This app saved me when I landed in Bangkok and needed a place for the night so then I can get adjusted to find longer accommodations.
*Hotel Tonight is non-refundable, that’s how they can offer awesome deals.
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This is also a good travel app that I use for booking flights, but it can also be used to search for accommodations.  Sometimes you find deals on flight and accommodations.  I mean sometimes you just need a night or two at a 5-star resort in Thailand.

Safety Travel Apps

Staying safe while traveling doesn’t just stop with your physical self, it also includes your technology.  There are some amazing safety apps that I use when traveling abroad to help keep my data safe, as well as my personal self.

Passport Index

Simple and straight to the point app. Passport index helps input your nationality and destination and it’ll tell you what you need in order to obtain a visa, or if you can just get one on arrival!

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN’s offer privacy and security while browsing unsecured (and secured for that matter) Wifi. This provides an extra layer of security when purchasing online, banking, etc. I personally use a couple of VPNs from Astrill, Vypr, and ExpressVPN as it really just depends on where I am located to which VPN is better at the time.
VPNs are so important for traveling, and especially doing anything personal while abroad.  The paid VPNs are always better than the free.  Just sayin.

Find Device

This should actually be higher on the list, but setting up whatever your operating system’s (whether it be iOS or Android) “Find Device” app before venturing out is a good idea. Better to have a piece of mind rather than wish you set it up before it’s too late!


I call this a wildcard because it requires purchasing little trackers, whether in the form of stickers or cards the size of credit cards. Purchase a few of these, set them up with the app and stick them in your wallets, luggage, on your laptop or whatever you need to be trackable. If you lose something, you can ring it via the app, however, it’s Bluetooth only, so you must be within a certain range. Perfect for after a night out and you can’t find your wallet that you dropped between the headboard and the bed

Photo/Video Editing Apps

You always want to show off what you are up when you are traveling abroad.  There are some awesome photo and video editing apps out there on the market.  I have used a couple of the top ones, but honestly I love editing my videos in Final Cut Pro and not sure if I am ready to edit on my Samsung.


Snapseed is actually now owned by Google and is one photo editing app that I use from time to time during my travels abroad.  If you want to take it to the next level, then this photo editing app is a good one to get and test out your camera skills.


You can’t talk about photo editing apps without mentioning Instagram.  I mean where else are you posting your awesome edited pics.  Once you have done a little editing to your photo through the Instagram app then you can post directly there and then it saves your edited photo for you to share on other platforms.  Not a bad deal.
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GoPro App

I do use GoPros from time to time, but have never really used the app to help edit the video footage.  While traveling around, I have heard and seen others use the app for short videos and it didn’t look so bad.  Not sure if it is for me, but I have heard a few good things about the GoPro app.

What Travel Apps Do You Use?

There are so many great apps out there that are made to make traveling abroad easier.  We’re pretty lucky to live in a time where technology can make traveling to foreign countries so easy!
Did we miss some traveling apps?  Let us know in the comments below!

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