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I’ve known Seoul as one of the most popular cities in Asia for travelers, and not just because of Korean entertainment like dramas and music. This city is a well-known place to bargain for all the latest including clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and much more. So make sure to bring your bargaining skills. Plus, the nightlife is great in Seoul!

Seoul attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. The city is full of great restaurants, luxury malls, huge shopping markets, and if you are into culture and history then you’ll find plenty of museums, galleries and popular tourist sights. 

Seoul Korea, walking in the street

Seoul Transportation

Transportation around Seoul is cheap and easy. You will find a number of ways to go to your chosen destination without spending too much on transportation. Seoul’s subway is the most popular public transportation consisting of different stations that are grouped by colors.

The subway maps is quite easy to read, and they have English translations too. Subway tickets are priced at 1,350 won ($1.09). You may also choose to take a taxi. It’s easy to hire a basic cab that will only require you to pay about 3,800 won ($3.09) per 2 kilometers as the base fare. Finally, there are buses that go around the city and they are distinguishable by colors. The buses are blue, green, yellow, and red. Each of them has different fares.

Types of Lodging in Seoul

In terms of lodging in Seoul, there are some great options. You can choose from different hostels, Airbnb properties, extended stay apartments, chain hotels, and boutique hotels.  Seoul has options for travelers with all different budgets. 

Hostels in Seoul

Hostels are very famous in the city since they are one of the most affordable accommodations for backpackers. Some of them offered shared spaces with basic amenities.  Some hostels you may be able to get a private room if you like but more than likely you will be sharing a room with other travelers.  

Airbnb in Seoul

If you want a more private space during your trip, you can book an Airbnb property in advance before you get to Seoul. Most Airbnb hosts in the city are kind, friendly, and offer discounts to early bookers.  Most will be small furnished apartments with lots of local charm.  

Hotels in Seoul

You will find many different types of hotels in Seoul.  There are a number of regular chain hotels, just like you will find in many counties around Southeast Asia. There are extended-stay hotels for travelers who are staying longer than just a short visit. Also, you can find some really cool boutique hotels within the city.

Where to stay in Seoul, Seoul neighborhoods

Popular Neighborhoods in Seoul

What makes Seoul even more interesting to tourists and locals is its popular neighborhoods. There are many areas of town to explore, but here three popular areas that you might want to check out;  Itaewon, Dongdaemun, and Myeongdong.


Itaewon is an interesting place that many tourists visit. The neighborhood is packed with cafes, street art, bars, and restaurants. This is where you will find lots of expats hanging out. It’s a fun area with some culture and entertainment.


Dongdaemun, on the other hand, is like a massive shopping area. It is a haven of more than 20 shopping malls and an additional 30,000 local markets and shops. If you want a good shopping experience, this neighborhood is ideal for you.


The Myeongdong neighborhood is yet another shopping district, where you can see all of the popular Korean brands lined up in both stores as well as back alleys. Expect the streets of this neighborhood to be pretty busy, but getting around here is really easy.  This is where you can bargain for really cheap goods.  Make sure to check out the Myeongdong Market, it’s a top pick of mine. In fact, staying near this area is convenient especially if you are wanting to spend a lot of time at the night market of Myeongdong.

where to stay in seoul, seoul neighborhoods

Where to Stay Near Myeongdong Market

Now, if you re going to settle in Myeongdong Market for a short period of time, here are the best places where you can stay.

Lotte Hotel Seoul 

This hotel is just minutes away from the popular Lotte Department Store, Namdaemun Gate, and Namdaemun traditional market. You can book modern rooms with complete amenities such as a swimming pool, an internet connection, a gym, and a bar.  LINK

Air Hostel Myeongdong

The Air Hostel is near the Myeongdong Market such as the Jongmyo Shrine, Myeongdong Cathedral, and Namdaemun Market.  It also offers great amenities plus American breakfast!  LINK

Myeongdong Rooftop Hostel

If you are looking for a trendy place to stay, this is a good option. It has an amazing terrace and near tourist attractions such as the Korea House Town and N-Tower.  LINK

Planning Your Stay in Seoul

Seoul is a vibrant city that never sleeps.  Getting around is easy for travelers and finding a great place to stay in Seoul is not too difficult because of the wide range of options for all budgets.

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